This is reg.i2p registry service.

Hosts check is done every hour.

Supported commands:

For addressbook subscription use /hosts.txt file.
The link returns basic addressbook upon initial request or request with no If-Match-None header.
Following requests will return full alive hosts list.

Static links to lists:
Lists are updated every 4 hours.

Although there are no specific rules for domain registration, we do have the policy on dead domain records.
Your domain will become open for registration again (disabled) if it is dead for:

Domains that are inaccessible before the disabling date for 3 days will be hidden from alive list and removed from export lists, but will still be checked every hour.
When domain dead for amount days stated above, it will be marked as disabled, opened for registration and will be checked once a day for availability at 8 o'clock UTC.
Description length limit is 120 symbols.

Your domain will appear in the listing within 24 hours. However, your domain must be alive within the last 3 hours before the activation is due.

External subscriptions:
Our service fetches external subscription updates daily. List of external services:

Service providing minimal JSON API for requesting information about domains in our base.


Terms of use: